We are proud to announce our new sponsor: Ergon bike ergonomics. Ergon_logo_web

Ergon is hooking us up with the best in bicycle grips, saddles, and backpacks. All three will be essential for keeping us comfortable and connected with our bikes over the 10 days on racing in the Yak. We are going to put their products through the ultimate himalayan test and see how they do!

For grips, we will be using the GS2 model, with bar ends. The should be great for the climbs.

For saddles we will be using the SM3 Pro. I can already tell it is super comfortable, and I am looking forward to testing it out over longer distances.

And for a racing backpack we will be using the BX3. This pack is awesome! It is lightweight, fits great, and carries a ton of stuff. I have already started using it on my commute to work and it carries it all. This will be a huge asset during the second half of the Yak Attack when we will have to carry a lot of our gear.

Check out this video from Ergon, and stay tuned for more reviews of their products, and more sponsor announcements!

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